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CaboTime Timeshare Rentals
844-cabotime  (844-222-6846)
or 888-899-2606 voice mail

Cabo Weather
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First time to Mexico?
You will be bombarded with timeshare salesmen at the airport as soon as you leave baggage claim.  Make sure you know ahead of time how you are getting from the airport to your resort.  The timeshare salesmem will ask you where you are staying and claim they work for that resort.  If you have never been to a timeshare presentation, click HERE for a warning about common sales tactics.  Good advice is to always rent a week at a resort you might consider buying.  find out what it's really like to stay there before you buy anything.  if you do decide to go to a presentation, remember that most people get the drunkest on the first night in Mexico.  That's why they try to schedule the sales presentation for the next morning!
Restaurants in Cabo
Trappers List has the most accurate list of recommendations in town. He relies on people to send him reviews, and he manages to stay right on top of things.
Distance to Cabo San Lucas

Golf Courses Near Cabo San Lucas

Fishing in Cabo San Lucas
2011 Tournament Dates
Bisbee's East Cape Offshore Tournament: August 2-6, 2016
Bisbee's Los Cabos Offshore Tournament: October 14-16, 2016
Bisbee's Black & Blue Marlin Tournament: October 18-22, 2016

Check here for Bisbees official website

Telephone Tips
Local Calls:
The Los Cabos area code is 624. It includes Cabo San Lucas, San Jose and Los Barriles. To dial land-to-land service within the Los Cabos area just dial the seven digit number i.e.: the Pueblo Bonito Blanco is 143-1995.

Long distance dialing:
From another city to the Pueblo Bonito Blanco in Los Cabos dial 01 (624) + 143-1995. Dialing long distance is similar to dialing long distance in the States and Canada except you are dialing 01 instead of 1 before an area code.

Calling from outside the country:
to Los Cabos: 011-52 (624) + phone number. The 011 tells the phone company you want an over seas connection, 52 is the country code for Mexico and gets you into this country and the rest is just the area code and phone number. Todos Santos and La Paz have the 612 area code.

Cell Phones:
Using an American cell phone in Cabo is quite expensive. When you make a cell phone call, Remember that the call is routed through an American carrier, so the signal will pass through several other Mexican companies to get to America, each adding their not so small roaming charges. There are places in Cabo where you can rent temporary cell phones for staying connected to friends that are with you in Cabo.

Phone Cards:
You can buy international phone cards right in Cabo that are about half the price of what I've seen them for in the states. And they are more likely to work. Ask at any resort gift shop. There are two different types. One works only in certain pay phones, while the other can be used even on your room phone. I've brought a couple of different phone cards down from the states before that did not work at all.  One card that I have used the last couple of years is called HELLO.

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